Comments from attendees at Dr. Sax’s presentations


“Dr. Sax’s presentation catalysed something very difficult to attain: behavioral change. He brought the key points home with power. I was gladdened and heartened to see a standing-room-only crowd, riveted, spellbound. His message resonates.”

Dr. Patricia Shanley, Princeton Common Ground, Princeton, New Jersey 


 “Everybody at Merchiston commented favourably on Dr. Sax’s sessions yesterday.  He is impressive and knowledgeable across so many fields.  Every assertion was backed up with evidence. We would love to have him back at Merchiston for seven to ten days.  I learned a huge amount and so did everybody else. Of all the presentations we have had in my years at Merchiston, Dr. Sax’s was by far and away the most impressive.” 

            Andrew Hunter, Headmaster, Merchiston Castle School, Edinburgh, Scotland


“Dear Dr. Sax, Your presentation presented a series of clearly articulated claims supported by findings from the most significant scholarly research in the field. It’s quite a feat to digest and synthesize major research studies in ways that appeal to a broad audience. I liked how you described key findings in clear, everyday language. Your presentation effectively bridged the gap between theory and practice. At its core, I heard a positive message about the capacity of moms and dads to make a meaningful, lasting impact on their children’s lives.”

Dr. Dave Ostroff, Head of Upper School, Emery/Weiner School, Houston, Texas


“Dear Dr. Sax, I just want to let you know how much I enjoyed your presentation last night at Princeton Day School. When I realized it was 9:30, I was in shock as it seemed like only five minutes had passed. I could have listened for hours! Unfortunately my wife was not able to attend last night. Will you be doing this presentation again anytime soon? I have been attempting to relay all of the information you presented but it’s much more powerful hearing it live.”

Jeff Dorfman, parent, New Jersey


“What an impressive evening!  We have never before been to an event where 600 folks sat, spellbound for two and a half hours, laughing every 3 minutes and uttering ‘Wow’ every 5.”

            Steven Masters, Saltus School, Hamilton, Bermuda


 “Dr. Sax gave a fabulous presentation to our parents last evening. Awesome.  This was the biggest crowd we’ve ever been able to attract for a speaker, and Dr. Sax graciously stayed well beyond his contracted time to accommodate all questions.  His insights, all thoroughly supported by research, were at times mind-blowing, and his sense of humor just added to a totally enjoyable night.” 

Linda D’Orlando, West Windsor – Plainsboro Public Schools, New Jersey


“Wonderful presentations. . . the parents and staff were overwhelmingly enthusiastic.”

            Chris Jenkins, Principal, Korowa Anglican Girls’ School, Melbourne, Australia


“Of all the sessions I attended, Dr. Sax’s was the only one which gave me concrete information I could use in the classroom.”

Daren Starnes, Chair, Department of Mathematics, Lawrenceville Academy, New Jersey


 “Dr. Sax’s presentation was wonderful beyond words. We were blown away by the material, which was presented in a clear, sophisticated and thoughtful manner. We are grateful to Dr. Sax for sharing his immense expertise with us. Many families will benefit from the information he imparted.”

            Genevieve McCormack, Bryn Mawr Presbyterian Church, Bryn Mawr, Pennsylvania


 “Dr. Sax is a godsend.  His work has given us insight on organizational design, staff and teachers’ instructional development, and ways to transform our students and curriculum.”

Roynell Young, founder and CEO, Pro-Vision Charter School, Houston, Texas


“Dr. Sax is the Al Gore of the gender crisis.  He has EDUCATED us about the nature and scope of the problem.  He has WARNED us about the consequences of doing nothing.  And he has INSPIRED us to take action in our schools and in our communities.”

Michael Halfin, Huron Heights Secondary School, Newmarket, Ontario


“I have been providing professional development programs for educators in St. Louis for nine years and no one comes close to Dr. Sax in style or content. I can’t tell you how informative Dr. Sax’s session was for me.  I hope I will have the oppor­tunity to listen to Dr. Sax again.”

            Genie Newport, Director, Independent Schools of St. Louis


“Dr. Sax’s presentation was one of the best and most informative I have ever attended. I cannot recommend him more enthusiastically. He would be fantastic at a principals’ meeting or any other professional development event. All I can say is WOW!”

            Patricia Molloy, President, Immaculate Heart Academy (New Jersey)


“I am usually pessimistic about learning anything useful at the workshops required by our school district.  It was a stroke of luck that I attended Dr. Sax’s session.  What was so rewarding in his presentation was that it helped me to understand why some things have worked well for me in the classroom while others have not.  I now see the behavior of my students in a new way.”

Jonathan Lind, Sudley Elementary School, Manassas, Virginia


“The thing I find so gratifying in listening to Dr. Sax is that he provides evidence, hard science to support the points he’s making. That’s rare in my experience, when speakers talk about gender.”

David Lloyd, The Webb Schools, Claremont, California


 “Dr. Sax gave a fabulous presentation at the Niagara Principals’ conference. My colleagues are still all aglow with what they heard and have purchased more than 200 of his books through a local provider – I know, because I arranged the sale. We would very much like to have him back.”

Gary King, vice principal, Lakeview Public School, Grimsby, Ontario


“If you are on the board of any mosque or community center, you MUST invite Dr. Sax for an all-day presentation at your mosque.”

Imam Tahir Anwar, Executive Committee of the Islamic Society of North America


 “I thoroughly enjoyed listening to Dr. Sax. One of the most engaging speakers I’ve seen. I can’t say enough about how much I liked and respected this presentation. It has completely changed and reframed the way I work with clients.”

Jill Dallaire, Director of Youth Justice Services, Durham, Ontario