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Photo © Leonard Sax

For Parents

  • Who’s in charge here? Why and when letting kids decide is NOT the best strategy
  • Beyond Resilience: Why so many American kids today are so FRAGILE
  • Instagram is Eating My Daughter, and My Son Won’t Stop Playing Videogames: What parents need to know about the emerging worlds of social media and online video games
  • Boys Adrift: What’s going on with boys today?
  • Girls on the Edge: The new challenges facing girls in the 21st century

Photo courtesy of Pace Academy, Atlanta GA

For Teachers and Administrators

  • The Four Bullies: Strategies to eliminate bullying on- and off-campus
  • What Is Kindergarten For? Gender-aware best practices in the early years
  • Jane Eyre for Boys: Gender-specific strategies to break down gender stereotypes and broaden educational horizons
  • Physics and Computer Science for Girls: Gender-specific strategies to break down gender stereotypes and broaden educational horizons
  • What makes a great teacher – of girls; of boys?
  • Why Gender Matters: What teachers need to know – a two-day workshop

Photo © Leonard Sax

For Social Workers and Psychologists

  • Girls on the Edge – of a razor blade: Why are so many girls cutting themselves?
  • The medicalization of misbehavior: What social workers and psychologists need to know
  • Evaluation of the child who is not paying attention

Photo © Leonard Sax

Workshops for other hosts

For Juvenile Justice Professionals:

  • Sex differences in the propensity to delinquent behaviors

For Communities of Faith

  • The Great Disappointment: when dreams don’t come true


If you work with a school, college, rec center, summer camp, juvenile justice facility, church or synagogue or mosque, or other setting for children and/or teenagers, and you have an issue or a concern or an upcoming program, please contact Dr. Sax.

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