Leonard Sax MD PhD


Here is a list of the speaking engagements I did in 2013:


January 8: Bryn Mawr Pennsylvania: Bryn Mawr Presbyterian Church, presentation for parents

January 19 – 22: Minot, North Dakota: two days of workshops: for teachers; for parents; and for counselors and social workers

January 24: Highland Park (Dallas) Texas: two presentations for parents, “boys adrift” and “girls on the edge”

March 7 and 8: Grand Prairie, Texas: presentation for parents, and workshop for teachers, on bullying prevention. More information about these workshops are online at www.leonardsax.com/bully.htm.

March 16: Columbia, South Carolina: two presentations for teachers and school administrators, plus one presentation for parents

March 18: Santa Clara, California: a presentation for parents, on the topic of “beyond resilience”, http://www.leonardsax.com/unfragile.htm

March 19 & 20: Los Gatos, Atherton, Hillsborough, and Palo Alto, California: presentations for a consortium of independent schools, at four different venues: www.commongroundspeakerseries.org/leonard-sax-m-d-ph-d/ (only 3 of the venues are mentioned online)

March 25: Brampton, Ontario: presentation for parents, St. Marguerite Bourgeoys School

March 26, Hamilton Ontario: full-day workshop on “boys adrift” teachers, administrators, and social workers, sponsored by the Hamilton Catholic School Board, http://www.hwcdsb.ca/buzz/?fileID=5028.

March 28, Brookline Massachusetts: Dexter School and Southfield School

April 22, Lakefield, Ontario: 3-hour daytime workshop on “boys adrift / girls on the edge” followed by an evening presentation on the topic “beyond resilience”

April 23, Newmarket, Ontario: presentation for parents, http://www.stonehavencouncil.com/pdfs/Leonard%20Sax%20Flyer.pdf

April 30, Newton Massachusetts: presentations/workshops for students, teachers, and parents. The evening presentation was open to the public, http://www.jwpschools.org/podium/default.aspx?t=204&nid=680161.

May 2-4: Baltimore, Maryland: three presentations for the Society of Teachers of Family Medicine www.stfm.org: one presentation on new research regarding social media and teenagers; a second presentation, on what professionals need to know about the changing realities of LGBTQ; and a third presentation about the diagnosis and misdiagnosis of ADHD.

May 8: St George’s School for Girls, Edinburgh, Scotland: meetings with students, workshop for teachers, and presentation for parents

May 9: Merchiston Castle School for Boys, Edinburgh, Scotland: meetings with students, workshop for teachers, and presentation for parents

May 10: Kilgraston School, Perthshire, Scotland: meetings with students, workshop for teachers, and presentation for parents

May 15: Lucerne, Switzerland: presentation on the effects of endocrine disruptors on child and adolescent development

June 10/11/12/13: Grand Prairie, Texas: four days of workshops for teachers and administrators

June 24 – 28: Buffalo, NY: a five-day workshop for teachers and administrators, focusing on gender-aware strategies for boosting academic achievement and breaking down gender stereotypes

August 27: St Catherine’s School, Richmond Virginia (1st of 2 days): a full-day workshop for teachers

October 8-9, Atlanta Georgia: Pace Academy: meetings with students, workshops for teachers, and a presentation for parents

October 10, Plymouth, Minnesota: gender differences in spiritual formation: an afternoon workshop for youth pastors, and an evening presentation for parents

October 19: Chico, California: full-day workshop sponsored by CSU/Chico  

October 21: San Francisco, California, Ecole Notre Dame des Victoires (where I will return for a second speaking engagement in February 2014): presentation for parents

October 22: Hillview Middle School, Menlo Park, California: a presentation for parents

October 25, Yarmouth Nova Scotia: full-day workshop for teachers

November 6: Ohio School counselors, Columbus Ohio (AOCC): full-day workshop “boys adrift / girls on the edge” for school counselors; followed by an evening session on “evaluation of the child who is not paying attention; the diagnosis and misdiagnosis of ADHD”

November 14: day 2 of St. Catherine’s: meeting with students; with counseling staff; and a presentation for parents

November 18/19: Two days of events at St. Andrew’s Schools, Honolulu, Hawaii: meeting with students, presentations for teachers and (separately) for counselors; and two evening presentations for parents

November 20: Arlington Unitarian Cooperative Preschool: a presentation for parents

November 21/22: Connelly School of the Holy Child, Potomac MD: a presentation for parents and a workshop for teachers

December 4: Fargo North Dakota: a full-day workshop for professionals who work with girls and boys, http://www.leonardsax.com/psj.pdf: “the medicalization of misbehavior”

December 2 & 9: Shady Side Academy in Pittsburgh: meeting with students, workshops for teachers, and a presentation for parents


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